If the breeze from those open windows just isn't cutting it, call or come by our shop to get an expert opinion on what we can do to fix your A/C or heating problems. We offer affordable prices and guaranteed workmanship. Contact us at (315) 536-9108, so we can help your comfort.

Why maintaining your AC System is very important:
Heating and A/C systems may break eventually with usage, hose pipes may clog and drip if not serviced, causing reduced efficiency heating and cooling capabilities. Regular maintenance will keep your AC system operating at peak performance!

Indications your A/C system may be having issues:
If your air conditioning blows only slightly cooler air compared to the exterior air
Air that blows in smells damp, musty, or like mildew and mold
Your heating system blows cold air, or the air conditioning blows warm air
Low airflow even at the highest fan setting.

A comprehensive evaluation of heating and A/C system includes:
Examining the internal controls and blower
Inspecting the compressor
Inspecting system and seals for leaks or various other damages.
A cooling system pressure test
Verifying the A/C pressure meets manufacturer specifications
Measuring the interior vent air temperature

Our repair and maintenance services include:

Air Conditioning
Have you been sweltering in your vehicle or home lately? Perhaps your air conditioner isn't functioning properly. At JR's we have qualified service professionals who can fix your air conditioner. To have an air conditioning system serviced, repaired, or replaced by experts consider visiting JR's Garage. You can also call us at (315) 536-9108 with any questions relating to your vehicle's air conditioner.

Sooner or later, your belts will dry out and crack. When you are ready for a replacement you can count on JR's. You not only have to get the belts replaced with quality ones but you should have the work done by experts. To have the belts replaced by cooling and heating experts visit JR's Garage today. The techs at JR's will thoroughly inspect your belts; replace all worn belts; and adjust the installed belts.